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In the successful shortfilm Brassbones you’ll find some of the worlds finest brass players gathered in a hilarious adventure shot on location in Almería, Spain on the same set used by Sergio Leone for A Fistful of Dollars and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Using all the clichés of a classic western peppered for good measure with some video-game animation, Brassbones is a highly entertaining take on both music and movies. Brassbones is a unique presentation, it’s not a feature film, it’s not a music video – it’s just Brassbones! For any brass player or fan this DVD is a must-have! It's loaded with over an hour of unique extra material, including never before seen photos and cuts with Your favorite brassplayer!

BONUS MATERIAL (over 70min )

• Cast & Crew

• The Story of Brassbones

• Brassbones - The making of

• Cuts & Bruises

• The Bug & The Smith (shortfilm 

  about a smith smashing trumpets...)

• Exclusive photo gallery

• The return of Kit Bones - video sample

• and much more...


















A Courthouse Music Production
October 20, 2006